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RNLI Lifeboat House, The Strand, Portaferry, Co Down, Northern Ireland

Portaferry lifeboat crew working with coastguard and ambulance personnel


Rescue & Service Records

21 January 2007 1346 - Coastguard reported a car in the water near Mount Stewart House, requested Portaferry lifeboat attend. Lifeboat launched at 1354 but recalled shortly after as the vehicle's occupants were reported safe. Returned to station 1410.
21 January 2007 2236 - Lifeboat requested to search at Ringhaddy for the occupants of a small boat found nearby. Launched 2250. Returned to station 2333, following confirmation that the boat's occupants had unexpectedly returned home by car.
23 January 2007 11 metre fishing vessel with two persons on board reported aground off entrance to Ardglass harbour. Lifeboat attended, passed line to the fishing boat, pulled her clear and escorted her to safety in Ardglass harbour.
4 February 2007 1807 - Coastguard requested a search of the area around Gunns Island, off Ballyhornan Point. Two canoeists had reported an odour strong enough to cause nausea. White powder seen on water's surface. Lifeboat launched at 1813, searched area using searchlight; reported strong, intermittent odour but nothing found in the water or visible on shoreline. Returned to station 1940.
11 February 2007 1405 - Coastguard reported two walkers lost, disorientated and concerned about incoming tide, requesting assistance somewhere on the lough shore south of Kircubbin. Launched at 1410. Search called off as walkers had been located by Coastguard's shore patrol. Returned to station 1505.
28 March 2007 1910 - Lifeboat requested to assist a female in the water by the Ferry Car Park, Portaferry. By chance, crew were already at the lifeboat house, engaged in a training session. Lifeboat lunched immediately and was on scene at 1912. The casualty was assisted to shore where an ambulance was waiting. Lifeboat returned to station at 1931.
11 April 2007 2345 - Coastguard requested lifeboat to launch and search area between Strangford village and Castleward. A red distress rocket had been reported apparently originating from this area. Nothing was found. At c. 0030 Police reported that the rocket had been fired from Strangford Pier and was a hoax. Search was terminated and the lifeboat returned to station at 0035.
12 April 2007 2108 - Coastguard requested the lifeboat to assist a small boat which was taking on water, one mile west of Kircubbin. Lifeboat launched at 2116, made contact with the casualty some 12 minutes later and escorted the boat into White rock. Lifeboat returned to station at 2205.
13 April 2007 1135 - Coastguard requested lifeboat to assist a fishing boat, apparently on fire, near Ardglass harbour. Lifeboat launched at 1144 and proceeded to Ardglass. RNLI Newcastle's lifeboat had also launched. The 'fire' was in fact smoke from maintenance work being carried out by the fishing boat's crew, spotted by a golfer at Ardglass who, sensibly, had called the Coastguard. Lifeboat returned to station at 1240.
16 April 2007 1934 - Coastguard alerted lifeboat that two people had been spotted clinging to a buoy between Don O'Neill Island and Home Bay, to the north of Killyleagh. At 1950 the lifeboat arrived and pulled the casualties from the water. A husband an wife whose canoe had overturned nearby, they had swum to the buoy, used as a racing mark by local yacht clubs and clung there. Some considerable time passed before a walker on the shore had spotted them and raised the alarm. Both were in deteriorating condition due to exposure. The couple were landed at Killyleagh Yacht Club where a waiting ambulance rushed them to hospital.
7 May 2007 1707 - Coastguard requested lifeboat to assist a 6 mtr speedboat which had engine problems off Ballywhite Bay, about 2 miles north west of the lifeboat station. Lifeboat launched at 1712. On reaching the powerboat it was confirmed that the vessel had run out of fuel. Lifeboat provided a tow to Ballyhenry Bay, about one mile closer to Portaferry.
25 May 2007

1101 - Lifeboat was requested to go to the aid of a 30 ft yacht aground on the Canon Rock, close by the disused South Rock lighthouse tower, to the north west of the entrance of Strangford Lough, Co Down. Lifeboat launched at 1106. Once on scene, it was established that the yacht was undamaged and, in the moderate sea state, was in no immediate danger. An anchor was secured and the lifeboat arranged to return to the casualty to assist with refloating when the tide was higher. Lifeboat returned at 1520 and the yacht refloated at 1850.

26 May 2007 1557 - Lifeboat launched in response to a report of a 30 ft yacht drifting between the Bar Mouth and Rock Angus in the entrance to Strangford Lough. On arrival it was established that the yacht's engine had failed. A line was passed and the lifeboat stood by while the yacht's skipper made temporary repairs. The lifeboat then escorted the yacht into Kilclief Bay, inside the mouth of the Lough.
21 June 2007 2050 - Coastguard requested lifeboat to investigate what appeared to be a light signal off Cloughy, coming from the direction of the White Rock lightship to the north west of the mouth of Strangford Lough. Lifeboat launched at 2056 and searched the area but found only lobster marker buoys. Lifeboat returned to station.
30 June 2007 1720 - Coastguard requested lifeboat to standby, awaiting information from a 30 ft motor cruiser with engine problems. Lifeboat stood down at 1735 on confirmation that the vessel had safely made port.
7 July 2007 2218 - Lifeboat requested to attend an open motorboat with engine failure, located by the wreck at Ballyhenry Island, approximately 1.5 miles north of Portaferry. The motorboat had five adults aboard. Lifeboat launched at 2226 and was on scene at approximately 2231. The casualty was towed into Strangford and the lifeboat returned to station at 2300.
19 July 2007 1949 - Lifeboat requested to standby, awaiting information on a small cabin cruiser which had been reported to Coastguards overdue on voyage by a family member. It was shortly reported that the vessel had broken down out of fuel close to Kircubbin Sailing Club and had been assisted by the Sailing Club's rescue launch. Lifeboat stood down.
26 July 2007 2025 - Coastguards requested Portaferry Lifeboat to attend an injured diver near Gunns Island in the Irish Sea, close to the southern mouth of Strangford Lough. The diver had head injuries and was suspected of suffering from decompression sickness. Lifeboat launched at 2031 and reached the casualty at 2046.

The skipper of the dive boat had pulled the casualty aboard and was on course for Ardglass, Co Down. The injured diver was transferred to the lifeboat, it being the faster vessel. A lifeboat crew member treated the man with oxygen en route to Ardglass harbour. An ambulance was waiting to transfer the casualty the short distance to Ardglass Golf Course from where the Dublin Rescue 116 helicopter flew him to hospital on the Isle of Man, the Northern Ireland decompression facility in Craigavon Hospital not being operational at that time. Lifeboat returned to station at 2140.

28 July 2007 1210 - Coastguard requested lifeboat standby. Alert cancelled at 1217 and lifeboat stood down
28 July 2007 1954 - Coastguard requested lifeboat to conduct a search of the northern end of Strangford lough. An EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) signal was being received from the area but on a frequency making it hard to identify the precise location. At the same time a member of the public reported a flare seen near Newtownards. Lifeboat launched at 1958 and searched the area. An extensive search was carried out but nothing was found and the lifeboat eventually returned to station. The next day the EPIRB signal was finally tracked to a yacht moored at Newtownards Sailing Club. The beacon had been triggered accidentally.
14 August 2007 1823 - Coastguard requested lifeboat to assist a small punt near the mouth of Strangford Lough. A member of the public had reported that the boat appeared in difficulties due to the sea state at the time. Lifeboat launched at 1829. On reaching the punt at 1842 the lifeboat crew were told that no assistance was required. Lifeboat returned to station at 1904.
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Rescue & Service Records



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